Salon Series

Jean's "Salon Series" concerts present the opportunity to experience music for solo cello in an intimate and engaging setting.  The small size of listeners (8-12 people) allows for a closer and deeper immersion into the music, as well as group discussion and imagination between each piece.  See below for information on either of her 2018 programs, resonance & light, and contact her if you are interested in hosting an event in your Atlanta space!



The intention behind this program is for listeners to reach a deep, subconscious level of relationship to works by these varied composers.  I believe that these compositions speak to us regardless of what one's experience or intellectual understanding of classical music is, and the small setting of a salon concert allows a relaxation and openness to the music that I hope will amplify listeners' resonance with each piece.  This program will be presented from April-June.

light_2018 2.jpg


This program entitled "Light" highlights pieces that are evocative of many elements of light: its strength and brilliance, the dance of shadows and light we see in Nature, solitude that the absence of light brings us, and the eternal aspect of light in the the Universe.  This program will be presented from November 2017 through January 2018.