salon series

Twice a year Jean presents a solo cello experience on a chosen theme or intention, such as her March 2019 program ‘elements’ — a month-long series of concerts in support charity: water’s work. These concerts are presented in more intimate public settings as well as in private homes around the Atlanta area. Each program is designed around a specific purpose and offers a unique way to experience and engage with the music. Additionally they are often part of fundraising campaigns, unifying a communal experience of the music with community contribution.

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In August 2019 Jean will share her program ‘oblivion’ — an opportunity to open to the music of Bach, Ysaye, and Britten and is inspired by the idea from Franz Kafka that “[art] must be the axe for the frozen sea within us.”

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The intimacy of a smaller setting presents the perfect opportunity for more in-depth engagement between the performer and audience. Depending on the setting, between pieces and/or after the concert Jean enjoys hearing about listeners’ experience of the music and any questions or insights that arose during the music.


salon style

In addition to public performance of her pieces Jean also presents the music in living rooms and other home spaces. This offers the perfect opportunity for further discussion and exchange throughout the program, and has been one of her favorite ways to promote causes and values that are meaningful to her.